buy xl Energy Drink

buy xl Energy Drink

products details and packing information

Volume: 250 ml (275 g)
Tray: 24 x 250 ml (6,7 kg)
Tray dimensions
[length /width /height]: 32,5 cm/22 cm/13,7 cm
Europallet: 120 trays per pallet
Length: 120cm, width: 80cm, height: 150cm
Truck load: 3 360 trays (80 640 cans), 22 960 kg
20” Container load: 2 760 trays (66 240 cans), 18 481 kg (40 743,2 Ib)
Shelf life: 24 months

Volume: 500 ml (527 g)
Tray: 24 x 500 ml (12.7 kg)
Tray dimensions
[length /width /height]: 40.0 cm/26.8 cm/17.3 cm (15.8 in/10.6 in/6.8 in)
Europallet: 63 trays per pallet
Length: length: 120cm, width: 80cm, height: 138cm
Truck load: 1 827 trays (43 848 cans), 23 130 kg (50 993 Ib)
20” Container load: 1 560 trays (37 440 cans), 19 749 kg (43 539 Ib)
Shelf life: 24 months

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buy xl Energy Drink

buy xl Energy Drink Excellent, carbonated energy drink, recommended for busy professionals, sport athlete and other people needing energy every day.
XL energy drink.
Great quality.
Best price.

XL Energy Drink became an immediate success. That success was quick to spread across Europe. Its lightly carbonated formula has been developed for the times when you need an extra dose of energy. XL Energy Drink is a response to the needs of active people and everybody aiming to achieve an extraordinary performance. we are among the leading xl energy drink distributors

Products details

What is XL Energy Drink?. Product Type: Energy Drinks
Effects: boost of energy,refreshment
Primary Ingredient: Caffeine,Taurine,Vitamin & Minerals
Feature: Normal
Brix (%):11.5
Flavor:regular energy drink
Volume (ml):250ml
Shelf Life:24 months
xl energy drink 250ml


– boost of energy
– refreshment
– great value for money
excellent taste

XL energy drink flavor

buy xl Energy Drink, xl energy drink 250ml comes in various taste or variety like
XL classic
XL sugar free
XL natural
XL after
XL sport
XL double
xl energy drink 250ml


buy xl Energy Drink, They are all similar for the same ingredient and formula
Ingredients: water; sugar; carbon dioxide; acid: citric acid; taurine (400 mg/100 ml); acidity regulator: sodium citrates; caffeine (32 mg/100 ml); colors: ammonia caramel, riboflavin; flavors; vitamins: niacin (nicotinamide), B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), pantothenic acid (calcium D-pantothenate), B12 (cyanocobalamin)

Energy value in 100ml: 200 kJ/47 kcal; fat < 0,5 g, of which saturates < 0,1 g; carbohydrate 11 g, of which sugars 11 g; fibre < 0,5 g; protein < 0,5 g; salt 0,12 g; sodium 0,05 g; vitamins: niacin 8,0 mg (50%*), B6 0,7 mg (50%*), pantothenic acid 2,0 mg (33%*), B12 0,2 µg (8%*).
*% RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance). Does XXL energy drink contain alcohol?

Is XL a good energy drink?
Great physical exertion and stressful work have the same effect –they lower efficiency and cause physical as well as mental tiredness.How can that be avoided? The answer is very simple – XL Energy Drink.XL Energy drink provides energy and stimulation for intense exertion,improves concentration and ability to react, provides essential vitamins, and speeds up the process of removing toxic substances produced during stenuous exercise. Energy Drink Ice buckets, table,glass, umbrella, refrigerator, vendor machine, Ice coolers of all sorts to our customers.

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