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International Wholesale & Trading

SUGAR TRADE SP ZOO is a dynamic Corporate Firm with over 18 years of experience in the global supply and distribution of renowned brands like agricultural, beverages, meat and poultry, scraps products, etc… SUGAR TRADE SP ZOO is one of Poland’s leading wholesalers specializing in the distribution of a wide variety of branded fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) across a range of niche markets. Throughout the years we have built a strong reputation and developed long-term relationships with suppliers, manufacturers, and clients in a wide portfolio of brands

Our business is to serve our customer’s needs, and we achieve this by providing best-in-class service at all levels of the company. Along the entire supply chain, we use our knowledge and experience to develop practical solutions to clients’ day-to-day challenges. We act as trustworthy partners, taking over our clients’ tasks and working actively with them to achieve their ambitions. But no matter which service we’re providing, our goal remains the same as it did when we started 30 years ago: to provide clients with reliable, long-term solutions while continuing to grow their business and our own.

SUGAR TRADE SP ZOO has a long and well-established exclusive relationship with many of the world’s largest suppliers of leading international agricultural, beverages, meat and poultry, scraps products, etc…. With an extensive and efficient distribution network across the globe and neighboring Europe, Asia, Africa, and the USA. Over the years the company has gained a reputation for its focus on brand building with a solid financial base and experienced management, sales, marketing, and logistical team.


Our Vision And Mission

Recognised Brand Builder

Our exclusive brand capability is exceptional. With dedicated resources, expert knowledge and access to customers via a tried and tested multi-channel offering, SUGAR TRADE SP ZOO have a unique ability and passion for brand development.

Sought After Solutions Specialist

We provide an authentic process that ensures we understand goals and objectives. In return, we deliver specialized offerings that exceed expectations. Be it an opportunity that requires an understanding of economic or consumer environments, or provide a specialized fulfillment model in partnership with a customer, we are flexible and nimble enough to adapt our business to changing needs and solving complex challenges.

Integrated Global Supply Chain & Distribution

We never rest… Continuous investment in our infrastructure remains paramount. As a global operator, we ensure that our facilities are state of the art not only in fulfillment, but also logistics and distribution via our owned and 3PL sites. This allows us to provide our customers and partners with the service offering to lead in their respective business sectors.

Dynamic & Passionate Culture

No one does passion like we do. Being family owned, passion is in our DNA. We are the proud employers of some of the industry’s most respected leaders. Our employees are our extended family, and we live by our vision and values whilst being aware that evolution is important for our family business to continue to grow and flourish.

Aligned Organisation Structure & Expertise

Our organisational structure is perfectly aligned with our business strategy. Communication, engagement, productivity and innovation is at the heart of our structure, which organically allows our people to work more effectively.

Advanced Scalable Infrastructure

Our dynamic nature and increased demand means that we need to respond lightning-fast to the changing needs of the business and our customers. In order to respond quickly and efficiently, we have made a significant investment in an advanced scalable infrastructure to drive growth, reduce cost and improve agility.

Exceptional Financial Performance

Across the entire value chain! We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… Opportunities increase when we help others win.

Why You Choose Us ?

SUGAR TRADE SP ZOO supplies international markets which requires us to adjust to local and global conditions and requirements. We distinguish ourselves through our dedication, commitment and a personal touch. From our head office in Ukraine, we aim to be the preferred partner in business for all our markets worldwide. We continuously strive to explore new markets and to build long-term relationships.

Due to our 30 years of experience and global network, we are capable to provide large volumes at reduced prices. We strongly believe in personal approach and professional case/operations management.

SUGAR TRADE SP ZOO has a strong financial position and is still growing. Buying and selling is our engine, but it is our service that truly fuels our business concept. Our excellent services and added value, both during and following business activities, makes us as a unique business partner. It is this that strengthens the bond with our clients, creating a long-term relationship built on involvement and expertise.

We believe our company’s infrastructure is fully equipped to meet our long-term ambitions of growth, sustainability and entrepreneurship. Our infrastructure is based on continuous innovation and keen investments together with the implementation of stringent efficiency programs and innovative logistics.

We work on ERP platform which makes it possible for us to be more efficient in our core activities, such as fast delivery, effective goods flow, optimal inventory management and accurate customs and excise declaration. Our platform has a short delivery time for new functionalities, which enables us to respond quickly to market opportunities.

Through our strict adherence to compliance processes we are able to process goods safely and efficiently resulting in quicker and more reliant lead times to our customers.

we work with efficient warehousing facilities in order to keep safe custody of goods INCLUDING ALUMINIUM SCRAP, NATURAL OILS, COPY PAPERS, WOOD PELLETS, PASTA, FLOUR, HAY.

We work closely together with a few trustworthy warehouses where we store our goods. We sell the goods ex bonded warehouse with all the necessary customs documents. If required, we apply duty stamps or banderols and arrange a safe and quick transfer with an official carrier, it being a few cases of a full container load, at a fair and competitive price.

As specialists in a range of supply operations, we tailor-make our services to fit each client’s needs. From providing bonded items, to establishing a new logistics route, we ensure that clients’ goods are delivered when and where they need them. And because we’re active in over 100 countries, we’re used to discussing international supply chain logistics as well as customs regulations. Think global, act local


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